Bathroom Bundle

Bathroom Bundle

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Ready to beautify your bathroom? This bundle has you covered.


This set includes:

- one 16oz bottle of Everything Cleaner

- one 8oz bottle of Everything Wash

- one 4oz bottle of Room Spray

- one 8oz beeswax/coconut wax blended candle


Everything Cleaner: Multi-use cleaner for glass, mirrors, counters, tile, and more. This product is available at our refill station. 

Everything Wash: Gentle all purpose wash to clean, hands, face, hair or body. This product is available at our refill station. 

Room Spray: Spray into air, at least 12 inches away from fabric, linens or furniture. This product is available at our refill station. 



Recommended Ritual: Keep the Everything Cleaner under the sink or in the closet. Use it to clean the mirror, sink, toilet, or tile with a reusable cleansing cloth. Place the Everything Wash on your vanity to wash your hands often or wash your face at night. Light the candle whenever you’d like to create a warm, comforting vibe. Keep the room spray within eyesight to use often, whenever the room needs a refresh or you need to lift your spirit.