Refill Station - How it Works

We are all about reducing and recycling. We’ve created the first handcrafted refill station in New Jersey where you can find a variety of household and personal care products. We encourage you to bring your own containers or purchase one of ours. It’s an easy way to introduce clean products into your daily routine while helping our planet in the process.


1. Weigh your container. 

This could be a bottle or jar you brought from home, or one of ours. Endless possibilities here. Did you finish that jam you got from the farmer's market and keep the jar? Good call, grab that. Write down the weight.

2. Fill your container.

Pick from any of our available products and fill your container as much as you please.

3. Weigh, again.

Place your filled container back on the scale. Write down the weight on your form.

4. Label.

Place a label on your product.

5. Pay.

Head on over to the check out counter with your product and your paper. We’ll take care of the rest.