Blenheim Apricot Fruit Spread

Blenheim Apricot Fruit Spread

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Orchard-sweet, honey-like, royal.

About the Fruit:
Blenheim’s hail from Europe about 200 years ago, flourishing in the garden at Blenheim Palace in England (birthplace of Winston Churchill!); they became U.S. imports in the 1880’s, arriving in California and spiking in production during WWI until a halting of imported dried fruit from Europe mobilized Sacramento and Santa Clara valleys to begin growing hefty amounts of them. 

Today, Blenheim production is quickly decreasing by the thousands do to the uprooting of trees to make room for commercial development; additionally, due to their minuscule shelf life, major chain grocery stores more than often opt for the more shelf-stable varietals of apricots. 


Once Blenheim’s are off the tree, they start to disintegrate! So we gently gather these beautiful rosy-golden babes from either Mike Cirone at Canyon Ranch or Andy's Orchard and can as much as well can before they return to the grand Mother Earth!

*Dry-farmed Blenheim apricot, *cane sugar, *Sorrento lemon juice

*certified organic