Spa Ritual Set

Spa Ritual Set

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This set will bring the spa to you!


- one 8oz bottle of All Purpose Oil

- one 8oz bottle of Everything Wash

- one 8oz jar of Bath Soak

- one 5oz Shampoo and Body Bar


All Purpose Oil: Hydrating, cleansing combination of oils to hydrate hair and skin. Use as a shave oil, protect hair from heat damage, or hydrate skin. This product is available at our refill station.

Everything Wash: Gentle all purpose wash to clean, hands, face, hair or body. This product is available at our refill station.

Bath Soak: Himalyan Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Jojoba Oil, Calendula Flowers, Sage Leaf, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend

Shampoo and Body Bar: Perfect for daily use, it aids in removing product buildup, or dealing with grease and dirt from a hard days work. Using essential oil blends each bar will leave you refreshed and clean without that dried out store-bought soap feeling.


Recommended Rituals: Add 4-8oz of Bath Soak to a warm bath and allow salts to dissolve. Soak in tub for as long as you’d like. Cleanse your hair and body with Everything Wash and the Shampoo and Body Bar as needed. Rinse off, towel dry your hair. Apply oil to hair, face and skin.