Meet Jessica

Hi, I’m Jess.

For those of you who don’t know, my grandparents had a garden center in Somerset, NJ for over forty years. Some of my favorite childhood memories are running around those four acres. My dad grew up there. My grandmother made a home there & created her award winning flower arrangements. My grandpa spent his days tending to the plants in the greenhouses. I miss that place every single day. I’ve always felt the most at ease in a greenhouse. Something about the hum of the fans, the feel of the mist coming off the sprinklers, the smell of dirt, and the view of neat rows of beautiful blooms - it’s my favorite place to be. This brand is my first steps towards getting me closer to those roots I know and love. I’ve had the privilege to start working with flowers again. Over the last year, family & friends have trusted me to help create floral arrangements & plan some really special life events. I even made my first bouquet for the most beautiful bride. 🥹 I’ve cherished every opportunity I have been given. From arranging flowers, growing my garden, baking new things, and helping to create celebrations - this recent work has filled me with joy and given me a sense of purpose in this chaotic world. I'll be doing pop-up events from time to time - check IG for the most up-to-date info on that. If you’re looking for those refill products you knew and loved, follow @shearrevival - they’ll be dropping there soon. Thank you all for supporting me in one way or another - you gave me a space to grow, and I plan to do just that.